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****Alarm Hub Confirmation Sound Not Working  – 19th October 2020.**** We are aware that some users Smart Alarm Hubs have stopped sounding the confirmation bleeps on entry and exit. The security of your system is unaffected. We are urgently working on a fix and can only apologise for any inconvenience caused. Check here for further updates. 

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Security Standards Explained

Security standards can seem like a whole other language and can be off-putting when trying to decide what security products/devices you should have. But it’s important to have a basic understanding to know if your home security products comply and what to look out for. Here’s what you need to know…

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Top Tips for Keeping Your Smart Home Safe

As we introduce these internet-connected devices to our homes it’s important we remember to keep them as secure as possible as criminals and hackers are always looking for ways to exploit new technology. We’ve put together these five top tips for keeping your smart home safe...

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Home Security - Jargon Buster

Home automation, Internet of Things, IFTTT, Zigbee, Z-Wave, DVR. There is lots of terminology and acronyms out there to do with home security, and it can be hard to keep up and to know what's what. So we've put together a handy list of the terminology and what it stands for.

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Home Security Checklist

Need help with your home security but don’t know where to start? We’ve compiled a simple checklist to help you identify any weak points and visualise vulnerabilities, making your home as safe as possible. Our tips include a digital door viewer, placing valuables out of sight, leaving lights on a timer when you're away and much more...

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